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For over 140 years, The Warren Group has been trusted as the only reliable resource in New England for real estate property data.

Through our relationships with the Town Assessors, the foundation of our database was built from the basic property record. On the property and building characteristics we append lot size, gross living area, number of rooms, heat source, roof material and much more!

In addition to the data collection process, we have remote data collectors and an acquisitions department who contact or visit local town clerks and county registries. The data that is collected are sales transfers, mortgages, re-finances, liens, auction notices and other public records.

The records are standardized and the data is verified using our multiple step state of the art technology. Our transaction processing team provides the final approval. In the end a transaction record is matched to the appropriate property record and added to the property history. Occasionally, transactions occur prior to the assessment office making the change, which causes some transactions without a match to a property record. Additional data quality audit steps are performed throughout the year to continue to match these records.

Assessor files are collected annually, while transaction records are collected daily and processed weekly.