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RE Records Search Overview

RE Records Search offers in-depth real estate data at your fingertips. The video above provides a detailed overview of the entire RE Records Search system and how it can be used to conduct property research, explore a property’s history, view foreclosures, and so much more.  

Getting Started

RE Records Search is the most current and accurate data in the industry. We offer standard-setting quality assurance that provides you with information that is clearly formatted and easy to use. Each one of our solutions is tailored perfectly to meet your exact needs and our intuitive, web-based navigation makes finding information fast and effective. Discover the convenience of accurate property records at your fingertips.

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Property Reports

Learn how our Property Reports provide an in depth and accurate view of data summaries, location maps, detailed property information and histories. Our reports also offer tools for customizing the details that are displayed so you can print, share, or save exactly what you need.

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Comparables help you find the best comps for better decision making. Define up to 25 different search criteria and export your results to Excel for further analysis. You can also review property details of every comparable until you find the best set for your research. These comps come complete with maps and graphs and are customizable to your specific parameters. 

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If you’re on the hunt for pre-foreclosures and foreclosures, being the first to know about a petition to foreclose, or when a house has been scheduled to go to auction, is key. RE Records Search is the place to find this information first. View a list of pre-foreclosed and foreclosed properties and their individual reports. Filter the list down to exactly what you want, and print or share with your colleagues. 

Click on the different sections below and get a step-by-step guide on each feature.


Optimizing ROI in RE Records Search: Mortgage Lenders

RE Records Search Specialist Mike Sweeney discusses how members of every facet of the real estate industry can utilize specific features in RE Records Search to maximize their returns with the platform. This first episode highlights the best strategy for mortgage lenders and their unique needs.

Level Up Your Property Queries with RE Records Search

Listen in as Mike Sweeney discusses how to best utilize the search functions of RE Records Search to access fine tuned results and detailed property data.

Mapping with Mike Sweeney

Join Mike Sweeney in his first webinar with RE Records Search for an overview of the mapping function within RE Records Search and learn how to utilize its features for prospecting new leads.

Discovering Statistical Solutions in RE Records Search

Listen in as RE Records Search specialist, Jenell James, covers how to access and utilize the statistics available in the platform for making informed, strategic business decisions.

Leveraging RE Records Search and the Custom Stats Platform

Learn from expert Jenell James how to utilize theCustom Stats Platorm, and other tools available in RE Records Search, to stay ahead o the competition.

Gain and Edge with the Fundamentals

Our first webinar of 2021 explores some of the fundamental functions of RE Records Search that resident expert, Jenell James, finds the most helpful for users to stay on top of their game.

RE Records Search Top FAQ’s of 2020

In this final webinar of 2020, expert Jenell James answers the most frequently asked questions of the year, discusses the latest updates, and answers additional questions asked by viewers.

Prospecting Tools for Real Estate Professionals

Expert Jenell James dives into the best tools available in RE Records Search for real estate professionals to make the most of.

Prospecting Tools for Lending Professionals

RE Records Search has tools available for all facets of the real estate industry. Learn how to make the most of those available for lending professionals.

Prospecting Tools for Investors

RE Records Search has tools for investors too. Listen in as expert Jenell James covers those available and how best to utilize them.

Explore Advanced Search

Explore the finer details of our advanced search feature. RERS advanced search allows you to focus your results with detailed criteria to create a list with only the information you want. Our resident expert, Jenell James, discusses how to yield the best results.

Covering The Basics

John Bottini covers how to utilize the key features of property reports, simple property searches, comparables, and prospecting in the RERS platform.


RE Records Search 101

New to RE Records Search? Jenell James describes the basics on how to get started with your searches and how to interpret the results.

Profiles & Settings Tutorial

A breakdown of the profile and settings features; describing how to set specific criteria and customize how results appear in your reports.

Tips and Tricks

There is more to RERS’ search feature than typing keywords and hitting “enter”. Learn about the search function and how to effectively narrow down your results.

RE Records Search Mobile Appraising

Did you know you are able to create comparable reports that are formatted and ready for distribution? Learn more about prepping your profile for success, managing your criteria and organizing your reports for easy access

15 FAQ’s About RE Records Search

Client Specialist, Jenell James, answers the 15 questions subscribers asked the most about RE Records Search.

RE Records Search Prospecting Tutorial

Learn how to make the most of RE Records Search’s prospecting tool by building a new book of business in as little as 3 simple steps. 

Interested in a one-on-one tutorial?

Please call our RE Records Client Specialist, Mike Sweeney, at 617-896-5315 or email for additional information or questions.

Questions? Please call Mike Sweeney, at 617-896-5315 or email

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