Data Error Report Policy for The Warren Group Web Site

We encourage users to report any suspected data errors for property records in the RE Records Search database.   However, we want you to understand how we will use the data error report, as well as the limitations relating to it.   Here are our policies and business practices that pertain to the collection and use of information you may provide us regarding suspected data errors. These policies do not exceed or replace the Security & Privacy Policy of our Web site, but may be considered a subset of it.

Usage of Data Error Reports
The Warren Group uses Data Error reports to compile statistical profiles of the RERS database, in an effort to identify the sources of errors. Data errors can originate with the source of the data or result from problems in transcribing, verifying or enhancing the data. The quality and availability of resources to help us research reported errors depends heavily on the data providers themselves. As a result, not all error reports can be individually researched. However, any suspected errors that are reported allow us to identify problems in sourcing the data, and to correct any problems with our own processes. All error reports are kept, and as resources become available, we will use the information provided to analyze and correct problems reported previously.

Limitations of Data Error Reports
The information provided in the RERS database is a matter of public record. As a result, The Warren Group has no control over the data provided to us by public entities such as town assessors or registries. While we have the ability to correct errors in our database, we cannot address data errors at their source. If you wish to correct errors in data provided to us, you must contact the data source, whether this is a Registry, Town Hall or Assessor. You should also be aware that there is often a lag between when data is gathered by a public entity and when that data is provided to the public. We attempt to collect this data in as timely a manner as possible, but we have no control as to when it is released by the public agencies.

We make every effort to ensure that the data provided in our RE Records Search is timely and accurate. The Warren Group has devoted considerable effort in the collection, verification and enhancement of the data. We appreciate your efforts to assist us in making the RE Records Search the premier source of real estate data in New England. We hope that with your help we will continue to provide the data and tools for you to fulfill all your real estate data needs.

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