Mortgage Report

Order and instantly receive a detailed mortgage report providing you with the mortgage history for your subject property, including originations, assignments, and discharges when available. Documents are displayed in chronological order. Easy to order and delivered on-demand, the Mortgage Report provides extraordinary value in time savings and efficiency. Mortgage Reports are available for most properties in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and typically contain the following information:

  • Mortgage Originations
    • Borrower name(s)
    • Lender name
    • Recording date
    • Mortgage amount
    • Mortgage date
    • Mortgage book and page
  • Mortgage Discharges
    • Discharging lender
    • Original lender
    • Discharge book and page
    • Mortgage filing date (of mortgage being discharged)
    • Borrower name(s)
  • Mortgage Assignments
    • Assignor
    • Assignment book and page
    • Assignee
    • Assignee pool number
    • Borrower name(s)
  • Subject property location
  • Subject property characteristics and use
  • Subject assessment information
  • Color map identifying property and surrounding area

Mortgage Reports may be purchased by RE Records Search members and are priced at $9.95 per report. (sample)

To order a Mortgage Report, start by conducting a search. Once you get your results, you will see a list of your resulting properties. Click on the Mortgage Report link for your chosen property in the record results screen.