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Your purchase and right to use the information provided on the RE Records Search site (www.rerecordssearch.com; http://rers.thewarrengroup.com/sor/start_search.asp) the Site, is subject to the following Terms of Use:

This web site is provided by THE WARREN GROUP (“THE WARREN GROUP”). Access to, and use of, the information contained in this web site (“Site”) are subject to the terms and conditions listed below. Please read this information carefully. Your use of this Site signifies your agreement to follow and be bound by these terms and conditions. THE WARREN GROUP reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Site, the products or programs described in this Site, or these terms and conditions at any time without further notice. Your continued use of this Site following such changes signifies your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions.

Use: The Warren Group grants you the right to use the information provided here for your use only. You agree to use such of information in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. SUCH INFORMATION MAY NOT BE USED TO DETERMINE AN INDIVIDUAL’S ELIGIBILITY FOR CREDIT OR INSURANCE. IT IS NOT TO BE USED TO DETERMINE AN INDIVIDUAL’S ELIGIBILITY FOR EMPLOYMENT. You are hereby authorized by THE WARREN GROUP to view, and print documents and the graphics incorporated therein (“Materials”) from this Site subject to the following restrictions: 1) the Materials may be used solely by you for your own personal informational, educational, or other non-commercial purposes; 2) all copies you make must include any copyright or other proprietary notices originally shown or included in the Materials; 3) you may not modify any of the Materials found at this Site nor attempt to pass off any Materials found at this Site as your own; 4) you may not use, reproduce or publicly display or perform, or distribute any of the Materials within this Site for any commercial or public purpose, unless THE WARREN GROUP has given you prior written consent to do so; 5) you also may not “mirror” or “frame” any portions of this Site in any other environment without prior written consent from THE WARREN GROUP; 6) If service allows a download function, the downloaded materials may be subject to additional fees, terms of use agreements, and restrictions which may be provided to user at the time of download. THE WARREN GROUP reserves the right to terminate the access of any user in its discretion, including users that do not observe these terms and conditions and who infringe or otherwise violate the rights of others.

Third Party Content: Portions of the content contained herein may be supplied to and or licensed by The Warren Group for display and use by The Warren Group subscribers and users. Use of this Site is also bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy found here:

Search Limits: The Site is a subscription service that renews every 30 days. Each member is allowed a set number of searches per month with each search result containing up to 300 records. Number of searches allowed and overage charge for each additional search is determined by the pass plan user has subscribed to. See Pass Plans page for further details. If you are performing more advanced research or require additional services, please contact our Data Solutions Team at sales@thewarrengroup.com for custom statistics help.

Confidentiality: Except as required by law, you agree that the information provided here will be maintained in strict confidence and will not be copied, disclosed, sold or otherwise made available to any third parties.

Ownership: The information provided by The Warren Group will continue to be the exclusive property of The Warren Group or its data providers. This transaction does not convey any right, title or interest in or to such information. All information contained in this web site, generated by this web site, and provided in resulting reports is exclusive copyrighted material intended for your use only and shall not be reproduced or repurposed in any way.

Warranty: Although precautions are taken, neither The Warren Group nor its data providers guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, currency, or fitness for a particular purpose of the information provided here. You expressly accept The Warren Group’s database and reports “as is,” with all faults. THE WARREN GROUP AND ITS DATA PROVIDERS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES REGARDING THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE DATABASE AND REPORTS, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. MOREOVER, THE WARREN GROUP DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE WARREN GROUP’S DATABASE AND REPORTS WILL CONTAIN ALL OF THE INFORMATION OR PROPERTIES ABOUT WHICH USERS MAY INQUIRE.

Remedy for dissatisfaction: The Warren Group wants you to be satisfied with the information provided here. If you reasonably determine that such information is not in accordance with The Warren Group’s obligations to you and you so notify The Warren Group in writing by letter or e-mail message within fifteen (15) days after the receipt of such information, The Warren Group will, at its option, either replace the unsatisfactory information or issue you a credit for the amount you paid for such information. SUCH REPLACEMENT OR CREDIT SHALL CONSTITUTE YOUR SOLE REMEDY AND THE WARREN GROUP’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR SUCH UNSATISFACTORY INFORMATION. THE WARREN GROUP AND ITS DATA PROVIDERS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR INJURY ARISING OUT OF OR CAUSED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY THE WARREN GROUP’S ACTS OR OMISSIONS IN PREPARING OR DELIVERING THE INFORMATION PROVIDED HERE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY LOSS OF PROFITS, LOSS OF CUSTOMERS, COSTS OF RECALL, LOSS OF SALES, OR LOSS OF USE. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE WARREN GROUP OR ITS DATA PROVIDERS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, EVEN IF ADVISED OF SUCH POSSIBILITY OF DAMAGES. If notwithstanding the preceding sentence, liability is imposed on The Warren Group or its data providers, the amount of such liability shall not exceed three times the amount paid by you for such information.

This disclaimer shall remain in full force and effect even in the event that The Warren Group’s sole and exclusive remedy shall fail of its essential purpose. This disclaimer shall apply regardless of the nature of your claim, be it in breach of contract, warranty, tort, product liability, or otherwise.

Governing Law and Venue: This Agreement shall be deemed to be subject to, and to have been made under, and shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. No conflict-of-laws rule or law that might refer to construction and interpretation under the laws of another state, republic, or country shall be considered. Venue for any action against the other party shall be in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Eastern Section, or the Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Suffolk County Division. You expressly consent to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of these courts.

Third Party Beneficiary: The Warren Group’s data providers are a third party beneficiary to these Terms of Use and have an independent right of action to enforce the provisions of these Terms of Use on their own behalf.

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