The Warren Group has partnered with Microsoft to bring Bing Maps to RE Records Search. The COMP Map feature allows you to identify your subject property (“starting property”) and search for and select up to 10 (ten) comparable properties. The subject and comparable properties will be displayed on one Bing Map when you click the “COMP Map” button.

The COMP Map feature is available once you reach your “Find Sales” or “Find Foreclosures” results sets. Run your “Find Sales” or “Find Foreclosures” search, and get to your list of resulting property records. By default, all properties will have a check mark in their selection box. Click “Clear All” to remove the check box from all properties, or you may de-select properties one at a time by clicking on the check mark in the corresponding box. To select which properties you would like to see on your COMP Map, simply click the box so a check mark appears next to your selected property records. You may select up to 10 (ten) records.

Once all of your properties have been selected, click on “COMP Map”. A new window will appear with a Bing Map showing your subject property and your selected comparable properties represented by numbers. Hover your cursor over each of the numbers and you will see a brief property description. The COMP Map Report will also include summary information for the subject property, the selected comparables, and town demographics. Note: when mapping multiple properties with identical street addresses (typically condo units in the same building), Bing Maps will show these properties stacked on top of each other with the last selected property on top. A summary property report for each unit will show in your report, but each unit will not appear in the map itself.

RE Records Search COMP Map Reports may be printed by using your browser print menu or by right clicking on the report and selecting print.