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Enjoy full access to all the features of RE Records Search by becoming a subscriber.

Who should become a member?
Real Estate professional, government regulators, analysts, investors, and consumers who are interested in real estate sales, financing and property information in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island find what they need to succeed in RE Records Search.

  • Professionals: Real estate brokers, appraisers, lenders, investors, attorneys, retailers and others in the real estate and financial service industries
  • Consumers: Anyone considering a home purchase, refinancing a mortgage, checking on neighborhood home sales, analyzing assessed values or just tracking the value of their homes
  • Regulators and advisors: Banking and lending regulatory agencies, Federal and state agencies, consumer groups, and other service organizations use RE Records Search for the research and study of market activity

Subscription Plans & Fees
RE Records Search is a subscription service that renews every 30 days. Your credit card is charged for the first 30 days when you register. At the end of 30 days, your card is charged for the next monthly fee, plus any additional fees you incurred in the 30 days that just ended. [These fees can include any extra sets of Full Record Results, Automated Value reports and downloaded database files and labels.]

We offer several subscription plans. The most appropriate plan for you depends on the number of Full Record Results Sets you require. Members may change from one plan to another. Changes take effect when the next new pass begins. Members may cancel membership at any time. The cancellation will become effective with the end of your current 30-day billing cycle. The Warren Group reserves the right to make changes to subscription plans and pricing at any time with a 30 day notice to members.

Credit Cards
Membership subscription fees are paid via credit card. For your convenience and safety we keep your credit card number on our secure credit card server, which allows us to collect your membership fees automatically so that you don’t have to reenter your card number each month. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

RE Records Search Subscription Plans

We offer many subscription plan options.
Choose the plan that is right for you based on the number of searches you want to run per month



Starter Plan        20           $49.00 $2.00

Plus Plan              50           $69.00 $2.00

Premium Plan    150        $115.00               $1.00

Corporate           Please contact Sales or call 617-896-5398


*Each full record set can contain up to 300 individual records.
Download labels for an additional $0.20 per record.
Downloaded records for an additional $0.22 per record.
Corporate plans allow for multiple users to access RE Records Search with one master account.
Pass Plans have 30-day duration. The Warren Group reserves the right to make changes to monthly pass plans at any time with 30 day notice to members.


RE Record Search membership includes the following features:

Town Stats, Foreclosure Stats, Bing Maps Free

Mortgage Reports – Sample Report $9.95 per report

Legal & Vesting Reports – Sample Report $11.95 per report

Historical Assessment Reports – Sample Report Free (Beta)

How Billing Works

Monthly passes automatically renew every 30 days, unless you cancel your service or we are unable to charge your credit card on your billing date.

The first day of your first monthly pass determines the billing date for your account. Each pass runs for 30 consecutive days. On the first day of your next monthly pass, we will charge your credit card for the sum of :

  • the access fee for your new month
  • any additional fees you incurred during the 30 days just ending, for downloads, purchased Value Automation reports, Deed Images, extra full record results sets, and so on.

Users are notified via email at the Billing E-mail Address they provided when they are about to be charged.

Please note that when we calculate your charges, we also consider any credits that may be granted by Customer Service. The Warren Group reserves the right to make changes to subscription plans and pricing at any time with a 30 day notice to members.